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Welcome to The Secret Garden


  For those of you who already know me and are visiting my web site, THANK YOU for your business and supporting The Secret Garden, especially by your referrals.  Your acceptance of my creativity and the building of a good relationship is what made The Secret Garden successful. 

  This site was developed by popular request by many of my clients so that they have something to show to their contacts, a preview of what The Secret Garden is all about. However, there is nothing better than seeing “the real thing” at the various homes, offices, yards, weddings and all sorts of parties and occasions which The Secret Garden has decorated, from which many of my referrals originated. This site presents a small sample of what The Secret Garden has created over the years. 

  After thirty years in business, I still hold on to the company name, but my focus now is on specific projects, providing instruction, performing demonstrations and donating time as a volunteer. As a volunteer and working with fellow designers, friends and other volunteers, we have developed and continue to maintain an herb garden on a historic plantation house property, as well as participating in the development of the area’s first botanic garden, a thirty-seven-acre tract, creating and maintaining ‘The Folly’, a section of the garden.

  I hope you enjoy your visit here – and THANK YOU!